List of Five

A few years ago, my good friend Nick Kittle asked for what he called a “list of ten”. For some background, Nick was the Public Works Director at the time, and I often challenged him on what could be done in Colorado Springs. The “list of ten”, as I saw it, was a way toContinue reading “List of Five”

Walkability: The Evolution of Its Definition

A topic very close to my personal and professional interests is the idea of walkability. This phrase is used often, perhaps too often? But what does walkability really mean? Is it something that we can really define? Probably not. Present party included, geographers, architects, planners, urbanists and landscape architects will continue to try. The following are a few considerations for defining walkability.

A Neighborhood Designed for Halloween

As I reflect back on my former days of trick-or-treating, there were characteristics of each neighborhood that I lived, or trick-or-treated in, that certainly separated them. They are the same characteristics that many of us strive for in designing safe, walkable neighborhoods.