The Nexus of Smart Growth and Landscape Architecture

Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes celebrated one year of business this past week. It has been a tremendous year and great strides have been made in building a foundation of business for several years to come. I have been asked over this past year on a few occasions my ambitions…

A Closer Look at Multiway Boulevards for Colorado Springs

As you may have previously read in my other blog post Academy Boulevard: Imagine the Possibilities or in a previous Dream City Illustration, I have been advocating for Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs to consider a multi-way boulevard as an alternative.  I illustrated a typical segment of a typical multi-way boulevard above to provide aContinue reading “A Closer Look at Multiway Boulevards for Colorado Springs”

Landscape Urbanism: A critigue from a CNU Cardholder and Landscape Architect

Although I feel that landscape and the work of landscape architects is critical in creating great places, there is no substitute for great urbanity defined by the structures. There are instances that I have come across where the building, due to its initial intended use, do not allow some of the features of architecture to frame the street and give the vitality.