Landscape Design: Turfgrass Lawn

I find that more often than not, turfgrass is the chosen landscape element for those ‘left-over’ areas in a landscape.  Too often, turfgrass is located where it doesn’t necessarily fit or make sense.  So you may ask, where does it make sense to have turfgrass? Turfgrass has several purposes and each application may require aContinue reading “Landscape Design: Turfgrass Lawn”

What is the ROI for “Mowing the Lawn”?

The following article is one that I recieve from High Country Gardens about low-water use and low-maintenance lawns. The Web of Life in Your Garden by David Salman One of the most chronicled family chores in sitcoms when I was growing up was mowing the lawn. They did it in Mayberry, they did it inContinue reading “What is the ROI for “Mowing the Lawn”?”