Do We Really Want Our Streets to Make the Honor Roll?

An interesting question that I believe requires exploration in towns and cities is in the priority of level of service. Level of Service (LOS) is a term used to describe the quantity of congestion and velocities for any given street. Letter grades are given for each level of service. The problem is that a highContinue reading “Do We Really Want Our Streets to Make the Honor Roll?”

Congestion Part 2: Alternative Modes of Transportation

As you hopefully read in Part 1, the easiest solution to solving congestion is to increase the capacity of the roads. This temporary and expensive solution is generally accomplished by road widening. Another more progressive alternative to this is to increase transit and other modes of transportation. I happen to agree with this philosophy, but the success is directly related to the amount of alternative modes, how they interact, and the ease of the use of the Single-Occupant Vehicle, or SOV.

The Euclidean Effects on Transportation Systems

In the process of organizing for efficiency and segregation, we construct a transportation framework that revolves around the use of the automobile – more often than not, the single-occupant automobile (SOV). The option of walking or cycling from the residence to where we work, shop, play and learn has been lost in and beyond the first ring suburbs for our residents.