TIF and Greenfield Development: Copper Ridge Part 3 of 3

As you may be aware, the City of Colorado Springs would like to utilize TIF (or tax increment financing) to pay for a freeway connection on the northern side of Colorado Springs. The TIF dollars (from 2.5 Million square feet of retail including an enclosed shopping mall and lifestyle center) will be used exclusively forContinue reading “TIF and Greenfield Development: Copper Ridge Part 3 of 3”

Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study

     Colorado Springs currently has a feasibility study in the works for a streetcar system.  This is a privately funded study to determine whether or not a streetcar system is feasible in and around downtown Colorado Springs.  At the last meeting over a month ago, the consultants with URS explained where they are in theContinue reading “Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study”

Colorado High-Speed Rail

Tuesday of this week, the Colorado Springs Business Journal reported on the feasibility study for high-speed rail in Colorado (http://csbj.com/2010/03/30/best-route-for-high-speed-rail-bypass-downtown-springs/). A portion of the article was positive in that high-speed rail was found to be feasible between Pueblo and Fort Collins. Locally, however the news was very troubling. Apparently it was found to be more feasible to route the rail on the east side of Colorado Springs along Powers Boulevard…