Parking – The Ultimate Demand Repellent

In the retail and service industries, parking is always a concern. The consensus of the general population will make this statement as an argument for more parking the majority of the time, leaving the maximum side of the spectrum wide open. However, providing too much parking can have adverse effects on demand, not to mentionContinue reading “Parking – The Ultimate Demand Repellent”

Quantifying the Effects of Suburban Living

Just about one year ago, I wrote an article about “Sprawl”.  Yes, the word that just a few days ago that I said that should not be used. (See The Polarizing Buzz Words of Development) It was interesting to look back on the article a year later to see that my feelings have not changed.Continue reading “Quantifying the Effects of Suburban Living”

AIA Colorado South Livable Communities Presentation

Thursday evening of this past week, I gave a presentation on new urbanism at Colorado College.  The following is the prepared presentation:  CNU-Colorado Presentation PDF Good evening, my name is John Olson.  I am the Treasurer and Co-Founder of CNU Colorado.  In addition, I own a landscape architecture and urban design company in Colorado SpringsContinue reading “AIA Colorado South Livable Communities Presentation”