Retrofitting at the Scale of the Block

Retrofitting Suburbia is an interesting discussion that has been widely discussed in the architecture and planning groups for the past decade. This has been the era that we have been able to see, too often, the failures of our development patterns since World War II. Products of the discussion include a few very good mall and strip mall retrofits, most notably and locally, Belmar in the suburb of Denver.

New Periodical for Urbanists and Advocates of Holistic Sustainability

Partnership for Sustainable Communities I received a copy of the premier issue of the periodical P4SC today in the mail.  The following are articles that I found interesting from the premier issue: Duany predicts decline of strict green building standards Sprawl Repair for the Shopping Mall Remaking Tyson’s Corner around sustainable principles City’s Sustainability PlanContinue reading “New Periodical for Urbanists and Advocates of Holistic Sustainability”

Envisioning the Redevelopment of The Citadel Mall

The Citadel has a unique opportunity to capitalize on its existing infrastructure (both above and below the ground). There are multiple anchors to the overall building that can be broken into smaller pieces. In the image above, you see that I chose to maintain the structures for a portion of the mall corridor and the anchor stores of Dillard’s, JC Penney and the former Macy’s.