South Main: Adaptive, Flexible, Resilient

In the year that I have been away from South Main, many changes have been made. New homes have been completed, attached live/work units have meticulously been constructed, other first floors uses have been activated with a mix of retail, furniture sales, attorney offices and art galleries. It is rapidly taking an organic form that will, at full build out, rival neo-traditional neighborhoods across the country.

The Allure of Residential Park Frontage

The allure of the residence fronting on to a park setting has been a popular planning methodology over the past 20 years.  Often, homes with a quality park setting are the first to sell in a neighborhood. These residences have their place in the market and in a neighborhood that values pedestrian safety and socialContinue reading “The Allure of Residential Park Frontage”

Agricultural Urbanism: A Smart Growth Opportunity for Entitled PUD’s

The topic of Agricultural Urbanism is fascinating to me and like many tenets of the New Urbanism movement, there is something very intrinsic about how agriculture relates to urbanism. There may be confusion in what Agricultural Urbanism is compared to Urban Agriculture.  Andres Duany, Author of an upcoming book on Agrarian Urbanism and co-founder of the Congress forContinue reading “Agricultural Urbanism: A Smart Growth Opportunity for Entitled PUD’s”