The Road Maintenance Dilemma of Our Cities

Road maintenance is a major line item that frustrates city budgets across the United States. It is also an item that is extremely noticeable to the general public and visitors to the city. As an example, it was stated in the 2011 Quality of Life Indicators report for Colorado Springs that 77% of the roads in the Pikes Peak Region are classified as “fair or poor condition.”

Envisioning the Redevelopment of The Citadel Mall

The Citadel has a unique opportunity to capitalize on its existing infrastructure (both above and below the ground). There are multiple anchors to the overall building that can be broken into smaller pieces. In the image above, you see that I chose to maintain the structures for a portion of the mall corridor and the anchor stores of Dillard’s, JC Penney and the former Macy’s.

Belmar – A Trip Through Time Via Google Earth

This is a quick post about a trip through time for one of the many success stories in Colorado New Urbanism, Belmar.  The following are aerial images of what is today known as “Belmar.”  I found this feature out today through Google Earth from a colleague of mine with CNU-Colorado.  Very cool tool from Google, unfortunately itContinue reading “Belmar – A Trip Through Time Via Google Earth”