Photoshop Replaces the Auto-Oriented with Walkable

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I wrote a blog about Photoshop’s Content Aware tool.  Today, I decided to write about another application of the tool.  The top image on the right is an aerial view of the Shooks Run Neighborhood east of downtown Colorado Springs.  The majority of Shooks Run has a nice fabric of streets,Continue reading “Photoshop Replaces the Auto-Oriented with Walkable”

Content Aware Tool From Photoshop CS5

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to try out the latest version of Photoshop CS5.  Through my experimentation with this software, I was made aware of their latest feature called ‘Content Aware’. The ‘Content Aware’ feature allows the user to select an undesirable portion of a photograph and have it replaced with similar pixels from the adjacent pixels. Continue reading “Content Aware Tool From Photoshop CS5”