The Transect of Parks

Everyone likes a great park. Parks, like the remainder of the built environment, range by how they are experienced and how they function. The classification of parks has been something that I have been thinking about over the past few years, and especially over this long drought of blog posts that I have had (sorry friends).

In the same spirit of previous blog posts, I choose to use the Center for Applied Transect Studies methodology of classifying parks-that is to organize the parks over the rural-to-urban transect.

Village Green: How Big is Too Big?

Last week I posted The Village Green: Size Matters to the EVstudio website. “Right-sizing” the Village Green is a topic that is always on my mind as I design and visit new urban communities. Unfortunately, there are too few Village Greens that feel just right. They are often built with too much space, making itContinue reading “Village Green: How Big is Too Big?”