Downtown Parking Problems?

“Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

This of course is one of the quotes that is credited to Yogi Berra. The quote is an oxymoron, however it is repeated on a regular basis in a variety of manners. Probably the way that is most often stated in Colorado Springs is as follows:

“Downtown is dying, nobody goes there because you can’t find a place to park.”

Have you made this statement before? It’s okay, I won’t call anybody out, but chances are, this has been stated by you, or at a minimum, to you. This statement is a fallacy unless

Parking Agreements: The Benefits of Shared Parking

If considerations were made in the planning and entitlement phase of development to organize land uses symbiotically by parking needs, land and infrastructure costs could be dramatically decreased.

Parking on the Street: Types of Street Parking

Parking is always a matter that needs addressed with any sort of development. Downtowns and urban centers are certainly not an exception to the rule. Regardless of the district density or scale, parking is always a necessity that can be handled with street parking.