New Urbanism – My Journey

This past decade, I have found myself answering this basic question of how I ended up in the world of new urbanism. I certainly did not grow up in an urban environment, and when I mention that I am from Nebraska, people really get confused of how I could have such a passion toward somethingContinue reading “New Urbanism – My Journey”

South Main: Adaptive, Flexible, Resilient

In the year that I have been away from South Main, many changes have been made. New homes have been completed, attached live/work units have meticulously been constructed, other first floors uses have been activated with a mix of retail, furniture sales, attorney offices and art galleries. It is rapidly taking an organic form that will, at full build out, rival neo-traditional neighborhoods across the country.

The Allure of Residential Park Frontage

The allure of the residence fronting on to a park setting has been a popular planning methodology over the past 20 years.  Often, homes with a quality park setting are the first to sell in a neighborhood. These residences have their place in the market and in a neighborhood that values pedestrian safety and socialContinue reading “The Allure of Residential Park Frontage”