Great Streets Academy Boulevard: The Multi-Way Boulevard as an Option

Last Wednesday, I attended a brainstorming session for the Academy Boulevard corridor.  The title of the study by CH2M Hill is “Great Streets”, the following is a link to the Study’s official website:  Great Streets. CH2MHill was hired by the City of Colorado Springs a little under a year ago to study Academy Boulevard inContinue reading “Great Streets Academy Boulevard: The Multi-Way Boulevard as an Option”

A Closer Look at Multiway Boulevards for Colorado Springs

As you may have previously read in my other blog post Academy Boulevard: Imagine the Possibilities or in a previous Dream City Illustration, I have been advocating for Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs to consider a multi-way boulevard as an alternative.  I illustrated a typical segment of a typical multi-way boulevard above to provide aContinue reading “A Closer Look at Multiway Boulevards for Colorado Springs”

Academy Boulevard: Imagine the Possibilities!

Transportation: When considering alternatives for Academy Boulevard, transportation and its framework are key.  The existing model for Academy having 6-lanes of high-speed travel is not conducive to anything aside from moving vehicles.  At a bare minimum, Academy Boulevard should be reduced to 4 travel lanes with an increased median.  However, this is still not goingContinue reading “Academy Boulevard: Imagine the Possibilities!”