Photoshop Replaces the Auto-Oriented with Walkable

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I wrote a blog about Photoshop’s Content Aware tool.  Today, I decided to write about another application of the tool.  The top image on the right is an aerial view of the Shooks Run Neighborhood east of downtown Colorado Springs.  The majority of Shooks Run has a nice fabric of streets,Continue reading “Photoshop Replaces the Auto-Oriented with Walkable”

Belmar, A Model for Shopping Center Retrofits

Earlier this week, I was in the Denver for business and decided to enjoy a lunch at Belmar, a new urban destination retail neighborhood in suburban Lakewood.  For those who are not familiar with Belmar, it is a redeveloped village that today occupies the land of the former Villa Italia Shopping Mall in Lakewood.  BelmarContinue reading “Belmar, A Model for Shopping Center Retrofits”

Transitions in Building Use and Density

In South Main, I noticed one of the greatest transitions along the transect that I have seen.  Too often, the transition from attached homes, mixed-use commercial and live/work units to detached single-family is implemented awkwardly in new neighborhoods and TND’s.  That is not the case in South Main where details are thought out from both nationalContinue reading “Transitions in Building Use and Density”