Storm Water Management: A Love/Hate Relationship

Almost every city has the same thing in common. That is the love/hate relationship with water… specifically storm water. We all love water because it is such a precious resource that we are dependent upon.

Has Technology Made Us Lazy as a Civilization?

My fear is that technology and innovation have almost made our civilization regress at an inverse relationship to innovation. Don’t misinterpret my statement. I love technology as much as the next person, just ask my iPad sitting next to me. We cannot take the word of the specialists as seriously as we once could.

A Light Imprint/ Low-Impact Development Tool in South Main

At South Main, the image to the right shows a light imprint tool that provides a hard surface path from the street to the sidewalk.  By using stone ,rather than concrete, rainwater can replenish the ground water instead of becoming stormwater.  Stone pathways achieve the greatest level of sustainability when local stone is used.  This isContinue reading “A Light Imprint/ Low-Impact Development Tool in South Main”