Urban Planning as a Satisfying Career

The following is a reply to an email from a College student in Colorado Springs interested in the Planning/Landscape Architecture field of expertise.  I have received a few of these since opening my company and I always take the time to reply and help assist the future designers of our country.  I believe that itContinue reading “Urban Planning as a Satisfying Career”

Landscape Urbanism vs. New Urbanism: Review of the Discussion at CNU 19

This past Saturday evening, I attended a much-anticipated discussion about landscape urbanism, sometimes referred to as ecological urbanism, at the annual Congress organized by the CNU in Madison, Wisconsin.

Expert Witness Landscape Architect: An Educational and Fullfilling Experience

Last fall, I was asked to be an expert witness for a landscape architecture firm who was the defendant in a lawsuit which claimed negligence against the company. Initially, I was admittedly hesitant as this was something that was foreign to me.