The Importance of Density: Colorado Springs Quality of Life Indicators

The overriding “red flag” in Colorado Springs is a lack of density. A lack of density has a multiplier effect over the other quality of life indicators, due to a higher ratio of city resources per person.

Infill: A Term with a Variety of Scales

Last weekend, the 2011 Colorado Springs Sustainability Bicycle Tour focused on a portion of the City where infill is the only manner of new development. On this tour, we visited one extremely large-scale version of infill and other small modes of infill. All scales of infill from the tour provide positive changes to the adjacent context.

The New Economy 2 of 3

This is the second in a series of three blog posts where I have provided my projections of development as they relate to: Master Planned Communities; Government’s Role in Development; New Urbanism; Transportation; and Homeownership. So what is the “new economy”? The phrase has become main stream since the light bulb went off for theContinue reading “The New Economy 2 of 3”