Envisioning the Redevelopment of The Citadel Mall

The Citadel has a unique opportunity to capitalize on its existing infrastructure (both above and below the ground). There are multiple anchors to the overall building that can be broken into smaller pieces. In the image above, you see that I chose to maintain the structures for a portion of the mall corridor and the anchor stores of Dillard’s, JC Penney and the former Macy’s.

The Five-Minute Walk: More than Just a Circle

The Five-Minute Walk is a standard that is best described as the average distance that a pedestrian is willing to walk before opting to drive. The unit of measurement is commonplace in the planning profession and is often represented by a radius measuring ¼ of a mile.

East Spring Creek: An Infill Opportunity in Colorado Springs

This is a graphic of my vision for a vacant parcel located between Spring Creek TND and an existing grocery store frequently visited by the neighborhood.  Currently the land is zoned commercial, and a re-zone to live/work or townhomes would be a fairly easy sell to the neighborhood, in my opinion.  The parcel is 1.6 acres and the sketchContinue reading “East Spring Creek: An Infill Opportunity in Colorado Springs”