A Neighborhood Designed for Halloween

As I reflect back on my former days of trick-or-treating, there were characteristics of each neighborhood that I lived, or trick-or-treated in, that certainly separated them. They are the same characteristics that many of us strive for in designing safe, walkable neighborhoods.

Bicycles Complete Transportation Networks in Communities

The bicycle is becoming an important mode of transportation for completing transportation networks in cities. It is a cost-effective mode of transportation that is very effective at completing the common range of 5-15 blocks between transit hubs.

Photoshop Replaces the Auto-Oriented with Walkable

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I wrote a blog about Photoshop’s Content Aware tool.  Today, I decided to write about another application of the tool.  The top image on the right is an aerial view of the Shooks Run Neighborhood east of downtown Colorado Springs.  The majority of Shooks Run has a nice fabric of streets,Continue reading “Photoshop Replaces the Auto-Oriented with Walkable”