Colorado Springs Proves to be a Resilient, Strong, and Vigilant Community

The devastation of the recent wildfires still occurring in and around Colorado Springs have weighed heavily on my mind this past week. Several homes have been destroyed, human casualties have occurred and thousands of people have been displaced. However, the resilience of the community of Colorado Springs though is incredibly evident. There is a positiveContinue reading “Colorado Springs Proves to be a Resilient, Strong, and Vigilant Community”

Smart Growth in Small Towns and Rural Communities Workshop (Recap)

Today’s slow and incremental growth in small towns allows the opportunity to correct rubber-stamped zoning codes and subdivision regulations that our towns have adopted from the larger cities “Euclidian Codes”.

Colorado LEED-ND Pilot Projects and Potential LEED-ND Candidates

This post is about the current LEED-ND projects in Colorado and those that may meet the criteria.