CNT Includes Transportation as a Variable for Measuring Affordability

For many years, homeowners have purchased their homes without transportation costs as a consideration.  The price of the home was the primary indicator in the home purchase and whether it would be affordable or attainable.  Unfortunately, there are many other smaller costs associated with the choice of a home.  The following is an analysis ofContinue reading “CNT Includes Transportation as a Variable for Measuring Affordability”

Affordable Housing and how it is translated.

Surprise, we do not have enough affordable housing!  The topic of affordable housing is always an intersting conversation because it means something different to everyone and is subjectively interpretted based on its context.  In a downtown setting, “affordable” may be interpretted as a purchase price of $200/ sq. ft or a monthly rental price of $1.50/Continue reading “Affordable Housing and how it is translated.”