On The Boards

The following are some of the projects currently in the works at Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes:

Castle Rock Catalytic Downtown Competition, Castle Rock, CO

Site Area:  4-Block + Area Focused Around Wilcox Square

Project Architect: Collaborative Design Group

140 Character (or Less) Description:  Catalyst Downtown revitalization competition in Castle Rock in conjunction with the Collaborative Design Group from Colorado Springs.

Castle Rock Catalytic Downtown Master Plan.

Pueblo Care and Rehabilitation Center, Pueblo, CO

Site Area:  ~ 2 Acres

Project Architect/ Engineer:  EV Studio

140 Character (or Less) Description:  Building, Site and Landscape Retrofit of a 40+ Year Old Care Facility. Improvements Include Courtyard Re-design and Therapy Garden Design.

Employee Courtyard at Pueblo Care and Rehabilitation Center.
Pueblo Care and Rehabilitation Center
Landscape Site Plan Design and Rendering by John Olson in conjunction with EV Studio.

Townhouse Infill, Colorado

Site Area:  ~ 1/2 Acre

Project Architect: Horvat Architects

Project Engineer:  Altitude Engineering

140 Character (or Less) Description:  Down-Zone of Existing Vacant Commercial Property to Attached Residential Zoning. Private Street Utilized as Alley, Garages on Alley.


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