The hate for cities has gone too far

The suburbs are mistakenly having a moment as Cities have become the patsy for the Covid-19 pandemic. Lazy, surface level views of the pandemic have duped cities as the enemy while some are even making major life changes as a result. Yes, cities represent areas of greater density and population. Cities also represent commerce, economicContinue reading “The hate for cities has gone too far”

A Downtown Stadium: Keys to Success

The question for cities is often: What is the silver bullet for the revitalization of a Downtown? There are always answers, but often, they are misguided and wrong. There is not one single universal answer. As a matter of fact, the idea of a silver bullet is pure blasphemy. However, the dialogue has started inContinue reading “A Downtown Stadium: Keys to Success”

Classifying Suburbia

The question came up over the weekend regarding retrofitting suburbia, due to the anticipated arrival of speaker, author and urbanist, Ellen Dunham Jones. My friend and colleague asked where in Colorado Springs would be the places that Ellen describes in her TED Talk. It was a question that really deserved more than a short response, so I offered this impromptu classification of ‘suburbia’:
Future Suburbia: Areas on the periphery of cities which market themselves as “outside the city”. These would include…