Suburban Shopping Center Retrofit

There are far too many suburban shopping centers built as single-use developments.  These shopping centers have short lives leaving a blighted greyfield behind after the 30-year or so vitality is gone.  The image above is a suburban retrofit of one of the greyfields in Colorado Springs put together by John Olson, Dave Foster and Jim Houk for a Dream City event.

East Spring Creek: An Infill Opportunity in Colorado Springs

This is a graphic of my vision for a vacant parcel located between Spring Creek TND and an existing grocery store frequently visited by the neighborhood.  Currently the land is zoned commercial, and a re-zone to live/work or townhomes would be a fairly easy sell to the neighborhood, in my opinion.  The parcel is 1.6 acres and the sketch illustrates 10 du’s/ acre with 16 townhomes or live/work units.