Community Garden

I’m working on a Community Garden for my neighborhood.  We are anticipating a range of 4-ft. wide plots with lengthwise dimensions of 8-ft; 12-ft; and 16-ft.  The gardens will be raised planters within the neighborhood.  More to come as this gets further developed.

Suburban Shopping Center Retrofit

There are far too many suburban shopping centers built as single-use developments.  These shopping centers have short lives leaving a blighted greyfield behind after the 30-year or so vitality is gone.  The image above is a suburban retrofit of one of the greyfields in Colorado Springs put together by John Olson, Dave Foster and JimContinue reading “Suburban Shopping Center Retrofit”

East Spring Creek: An Infill Opportunity in Colorado Springs

This is a graphic of my vision for a vacant parcel located between Spring Creek TND and an existing grocery store frequently visited by the neighborhood.  Currently the land is zoned commercial, and a re-zone to live/work or townhomes would be a fairly easy sell to the neighborhood, in my opinion.  The parcel is 1.6 acres and the sketchContinue reading “East Spring Creek: An Infill Opportunity in Colorado Springs”