Helping to Create a Greater Colorado Springs

As a part of our commitment to creating a better Colorado Springs, I have been proud to be have worked with several non-profit organizations or funded projects . I have a great deal of compassion for each of the organizations that we worked with and happily offered discounts on our services. Included projects were as follows:

1. Springs Rescue Mission: Landscape Architect for the Phase II of Master Plan. Sub-Consultant to Echo Architecture (Phase I completed as a sub-consultant to RTA Architects). (Landscape Development PlanDrawings and Landscape Construction Drawings).

SRM - RTA - 01
The Courtyard of the Springs Rescue Mission, a project in collaboration with RTA Architects. Photo credit: RTA Architects

2. Springs Food Rescue: Landscape Architect for new facility located at the southern end of Institute Street near Downtown (Landscape Development Plan and Constructon Drawings).

3. Concrete Coyote (Couch): Planner for the Planned Learning Lab and Workshop for the non-profit organization. (Rezoning)

4. Working Fusion at Mill Street (Neighborhood): Planner and Landscape Architect for the 18-unit Tiny Home Development aimed to assist otherwise homeless individuals and small families. (Rezoning, Development Plan, and Construction Drawings).

Beyond Colorado Springs, we also proudly worked with the Gateway Prayer Garden along I-25 in Fountain in creating a place for individuals of all religions to contemplate and pray.

As I move forward, I intend to maintain discounted services to similar organizations, including a project that while its not a non-profit, I am providing 3D rendering services for the much-anticipated Bread & Butter Market. This is an exciting project for our City, it has been needed for over a decade and am thrilled to work with Bread & Butter!

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