Better Block Pikes Peak – Photographs, Data & Video

This post is not necessarily an original post for this blog, however it includes many items that I have been adding to the Colorado Springs Urban Intervention blog in the past month. Colorado Springs Urban Intervention is a fund through the Colorado Springs non-profit, Pikes Peak Community Foundation, that a few of us created as a mechanism to handle the financial intake and out take of Better Block Pikes Peak. It has certainly evolved, and continues to evolve, in becoming a major player in Colorado Springs to transform the built environment at the base of America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak.

One of the many beautiful photographs from Bussanich~Kjeldsen Art of Better Block Pikes Peak.

The following are some of the highlights and useful data from Better Block Pikes Peak:

Colorado Springs Urban Intervention Wins an Award

Colorado Springs Urban Intervention accepted an award at the Colorado Sustainability Conference on October 26. We were honored to receive this award on behalf of all of our volunteers, sponsors and those who actively engaged in the experience of Better Block Pikes Peak…. click here to keep reading.

Time Lapse Video for Better Block Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs Urban Intervention presented a variety of images and the time-lapse video from Better Block Pikes Peak at the Fort Carson Garrison Sustainability Breakfast on November 14, 2012. The video is shown below, which shows the quantity of people who gathered and meandered through the temporary median created during Better Block Pikes Peak on Pikes Peak Avenue between Nevada and Tejon…. click here to keep reading.

Better Block Pikes Peak Vehicular Traffic Data

As we have told many people before, during and after Better Block Pikes Peak (BBPP), the fundamental purpose of BBPP was to experiment with the public realm. One of the experiments conducted was to see how vehicular traffic experienced the urban intervention…. click here to keep reading.

The Art of Better Block Pikes Peak

The following post is part of a larger series of posts sharing the photographs provided by Bussanich~Kjeldsen Art during Better Block Pikes Peak. Better Block Pikes Peak was a 24-hour urban intervention testing the built environment in Downtown Colorado Springs from Friday, September 21 at noon until Saturday, September 22 at noon…. click here to keep reading.

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