From last year. Happy Halloween everyone!

Urban Landscapes

Today is Halloween, which means that the evening streets are going to be full of little princesses, vampires, witches, ghosts, action heroes and pirates with dreams of candy and gum. As I reflect back on my former days of trick-or-treating, there were characteristics of each neighborhood that I lived, or trick-or-treated in, that certainly separated them. They are the same characteristics that many of us strive for in designing safe, walkable neighborhoods. The following are some of the characteristics that make trick-0r-treating a more enjoyable experience:

1. The Right Monsters: The Quote “When you’re on the street [as a pedestrian], all cars are monsters. When you’re in a car, all pedestrians are idiots” by Alan Pisarski certainly is a true statement in a neighborhood. Highly connected streets decrease the need for automobile sewers, classified as arterials and collectors. Fast moving streets are a major barrier to…

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