This post was originally posted in 2010, but it certainly warrants a reblog.

Urban Landscapes


Colorado Springs, like most cities, includes a handful of places that can be considered a “Third Place.”  By now, you may be wondering ‘What is a third place’?  This is a term that became popular in Ray Oldenburg’s book The Great Good Place published in 1989.  Oldenburg describes a first place as a residence, or where we spend the majority of our time.  A second place can be described as the work place, and therefore the third place is best described as a location away from the first and second places.


Common third places are coffee shops, bars, Laundromats, churches and barber shops.  Some parks can also be considered to be a third place.  Typically, a third place is found in a neighborhood that may be considered to be a “livable community”.  Downtowns with their density typically make great districts for a

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