CNU 19 – Madison, Wisconsin is Coming Soon

Beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. Photo by Eric Tadsen; Courtesy of Greater Madison CVB.

We are coming up on only one more week until the Congress for the New Urbanism’s annual conference.  This year, it is held in Madison, Wisconsin and I could not be anymore excited for CNU this year.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Atlanta for last year’s Congress, so I am excited to make it back again.  In the prior year’s, I had the privilege to attend the Congress (or conference) in Philadelphia, Austin and Denver.

This year’s Congress has many exciting presentations and the diversity of topic areas is continually growing.  The following are individual presentations that I am particularly excited to see:

What are Livable Communities? – Dan Burden

Low Impact Suburbia vs. Light Imprint Urbanism – Presenters include Light Imprint author Tom Low

The New Urbanism and the Bicycle – Presenters include Victor Dover and co-author of the Smart Growth Manual, Mike Lydon

Various Sprawl Retrofit Presentations including authors Ellen Dunham-Jones and Galina Tachieva

Megatrends: Technologies and Techniques that are Changing the Built World – Presenters include Steve Mouzon

Landscape Urbanism Debate with Andres Duany and Charles Waldheim

In addition, this year is going to feature Open Source more than the past.  This is a great opportunity to discuss urbanism with your peers and suggest your own topics of conversation.  Hope to see you in Madison!

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