Expert Witness Landscape Architect: An Educational and Fullfilling Experience

One statement is made to all college students interested in the architecture or landscape architecture profession.  That is that they will learn more in the first month of real experience on the job during an internship or their first year out of school that they learn in an entire year during college.  True statement, the amount that you can learn in real situations, with real clients and real mentors is incredible.

Every office has a unique niche of expertise.  I experienced working for three different landscape architecture/planning offices, each very different from each other.  Perhaps, this broad knowledge has given me my unique outlook on projects and the ability to be versatile in the profession of landscape architecture.

Last fall, I was asked to be an expert witness for a landscape architecture firm who was the defendant in a lawsuit which claimed negligence against the company.  Initially, I was admittedly hesitant as this was something that was foreign to me.

Full Story: The Fulfillment of Being an Expert Witness

3 thoughts on “Expert Witness Landscape Architect: An Educational and Fullfilling Experience

  1. “It’s important for our aspiring landscape architects to understand that site design decisions and development patterns have real implications at the regional scale and that their research and advocacy can be a catalyst for regulation and policy enhancement,” Collett said. “The Landscape Architecture Program appreciates the chance to engage our communities through the PlanET partnership. Such opportunities are of mutual benefit to our students, our program, and the stakeholders of the communities which we serve.”

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