HOA Landscape Retrofit – Spacing for Plantings

Tight landscape beds require careful plant selection.

Landscape retrofits can be an expensive budget item for homeowner associations.  Recently, I assisted with the retrofit of the foundation plantings for the Spring Creek Townhome Association in Colorado Springs.

Full Story: HOA Landscape Retrofit – Spacing for Planting

4 thoughts on “HOA Landscape Retrofit – Spacing for Plantings

  1. Misfit between plants and space needed is one of many problems associated with an HOA. I moved into an HOA almost 3 years ago – after I thought I had checked things out thoroughly. Boy, was I wrong.

    I’ve developed an informational website to help others check out benefits, issues and potential problems before they buy. I hope everyone that sees this comment will visit it: http://www.CeresGleannLife.info .

    Thanks and good luck with your HOA experience,


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