Colorado Springs Form-Based Codes: 1st Submittal

Tomorrow we vote on our first submittal for the Downtown Review Board that is the governing body for warrants from the form-based code.  The project is an auto body shop who desires to fill an approximately 20-ft void between buildings.  The addition to the building will meet the architecture of the building and will eliminate one parking stall.  It will include one garage door opening.  I will reserve my thoughts on the matter for tomorrow’s meeting and will post the results and my opinion on the matter afterwards.

One thought on “Colorado Springs Form-Based Codes: 1st Submittal

  1. Our first submittal went through today. It was voted in favor with a vote of 7-2. It was actually filling a void of only 10-ft, but the 10-ft opening consisted of a 8-ft roll-up door. This was my concern on the submittal and I felt that it could have been a bit more friendly toward the pedestrian, similar to a roll-up door at a restaurant such as Jose Muldoon’s. All and all, the code did it’s job today and made the process for such a small addition easy for the applicant. I am pleased with the way it all turned out (even though I was one of the two votes against it). I have to stand my position in the name of good urbanism.

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